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In the Spring of 2002, Gil Herrera and his wife Harien founded a residential commercial landscaping company in Arlington Heights, Illinois, it became known as Ivy Landscaping Inc., The Company gets its name from the climbing vine having a smooth, shiny evergreen leaf. They perceived their  company like the vine for the years ahead: The first years were spent developing a customer base and a solid reputation. Ivy rapidly climbed to be an established quality contractor able to handle a wide variety of projects. The Company is continuously and persistently improving its customer service and professionalism. Ivy Landscaping continues to rise ahead and has developed proficient full service Lawn maintenance, Landscape designs and Installation services and has been recognized as an exceptional reliable landscaping company in the area.

As a family owned and operated business, our promise is: Once you become an Ivy customer you can rely on us from beginning to end on all landscaping services, designs and installation projects. You can rest assure we’ll be there for you

Your family, you and and your guests will appreciate and enjoy your Home's Welcoming Landscape